How To Use Google Adwords?

Google Adwords (Adwords) is the easiest and effective way to promote your products, business or blog. The apparent benefit using Adwords as it is integrated to Google Search. In their September 2013 report, comScore released that Google Search led the explicit core search market by almost 70%.

After setting up your adWords campaign, your advertisement will appear in:

  • Google search results (Search Network)
  • Google partners (Display Network)

Google will determine when to display your advertisement based on your settings in Adwords.

An example of Google search result based on 'Car Rental' keyword search
Google placed your ads at the top of the search results or at the right hand side. The placement is based on your bid. The higher your bid, the more prominent position you will get.

An example of Google Ads shown in Google Network Partners

The title, links and description are set in the Adwords campaign.

Setting Up Google Adwords Account

You need a Google account to set up Adwords. If you do not have, create now.

After creating the account, go to

Follow the step-by-step instruction.

Google Adwords First Screen

We'll use the account you created earlier

Sign in using the account

Set your country and time zone

Your Google Adwords account is ready

Keyword Search

Before creating your first campaign, you have to understand the keyword concept and the tool to research the appropriate keywords.

Keywords are the word or phrases used by the user when they are using the search engine. Adwords provide Keyword Planner tool for the campaign creators. The Keyword can be accessed from the menu Tools & Analysis.

You will use this tool to research what are commonly searched keywords that might interest you. For instance, you are in the car rental business. You would want to know what are the keywords commonly searched related to car rental.

After clicking the Keyword Planner menu, you will see the screen belog. Select the first option.

You would see the form as below.

Enter a keyword that is related to your business in the Your product or service. In this example, I am using the keyword car rental. You can see also that the tools already provided some Targeting for your ads. Click the Get Ideas button and you will see the screen below.

Adwords displays some groups of suggestion for the potential keywords. For easier planning, click the tab Keyword Ideas tab.

Other than the main keyword (car rental), Keyword Ideas will also display to you other related commonly searched keywords. The important data for you is the Avg. monthly searches and Suggested bid. Sort by the Avg. monthly searches, then you would know which keywords to target. Suggested bid gives you the idea the bidding amount for each keyword that you would put in your campaign later.

Since you already know how to use Keyword Planner, you can research based on your need. I really like this tool compared to other keyword tools, because of the data provided by Google itself. Therefore, the data is reliable and very close to the actual searched performed by the the potential customers

Creating Your First Campaign

Now it's time to create your first campaign. In Adwords, your advertisement is organized in 2 layers. The first layer is Campaign. You can create multiple campaigns and they can run separately or simultaneously. Under Campaign, you will create Ad Group. Similar to campaign, you can also have multiple ad groups.

Going back to the setting up your Google Adwords Account, upon completing the registration you can proceed to create your campaign.

Give your campaign a name. Leave the other fields as defaults. Scroll down and you will see the screen below.

Look at the Locations field. If you do not a specific country target, the choose All countries and territories. If you are market is your country only then select your country.

The next one is for you to set your budget per day. This is the maximum amount will be charged to your account per day. Upon reaching the limit, Google will stop displaying your advertisement. You can estimate your budget monthly based on this per day budget. Put a reasonable amount, otherwise, you will have surprised to see the amount when you are billed by Google.

Scroll further down and you will see the screen below.

I strongly suggest that you tick the Extend my ads with a phone number. It would be easier for your potential customers to contact you. Complete the phone number addition.

After that, click the Save and continue button. You can start creating your Ad.

Give your ad a name and fill up the details. While keying the ad details, Adwords will display the ad preview. You can straight away see how our ad will be displayed by Google.

Scroll the screen further down, then you will see the screen below.

Key in your targeted keywords in the box. You can refer to the results from the Keyword Planner. After that, click Save and continue to billing.

Adwords will be asking you to complete the billing information before you can proceed. Complete this step. Upon completion, you would see your campaign and ad created.

Your ad will be checked for Adwords advertisement policy. It will take sometime for your ad to be activated. You can come back and review the Status of your ad later. You can also read the detail approval process.

Q: What if my ad is not approved by Google?
Go through the guidelines and amend your ad accordingly. You can also refer to the guide from Google on how to fix a disapproved ad.

Q: What if my ad is not shown at the top?
You will need to modify your bidding strategy. Most probably, you would need to put a higher bidding price. You can perform this by changing your ad settings.

In your campaign screen, click the Settings tab.

You will see the screen below.

Scroll further down.

You will see the Bidding and budget field. Click Edit.

Select the I'll manually set my bids for clicks radio button. This will allow you to adjust the budget for each keywords you have selected. Click Save. After that, go back to you Campaign screen and click the Keywords tab.

Now, you can change the Max. CPC for each keywords. Previously, this value is automatically set by Adwords. Click on the currency value.

Put a higher value and see the position of your advertisement. If your advertisement is already activated, you just key in the keyword in Google Search and you can see the change almost immediately. Try with a few values and and see how your advertisement are placed by Google.

Good luck. If you have any feedback please provide your comment here.


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